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Video Jill

Jill Courtney produces, directs, shoots, edits and/or formats multicamera video projects. This page is devoted to samples of video footage in which Jill has served a technical role - her involvement is listed in the detail section of each clip. Please go to the other video page for samples of Jill on video doing various creative/educational activities.

Video Samples

Cofer's Chapel - FWBBC

Pigtronix - Matt Lee

3 Pianos - Khristi Pugh

AES Interview: Bil VornDick

AES Interview: Randy Gardner

AES Interview: Mike Porter

Live Production - Radio Cafe

Free Will Baptist Bible College Choir

FWBBC Choir/Orchestra - Live

An Interview With Grandma

AES Interview: Mike Poston

AES Interview: John Jaszcz

Real Estate Sales Video

Self-Produced Classical Recital

Musical Theatre Production

Wedding - The Egans

AES Interview: Jonell Polansky

AES Interview: Eric Elwell

AES Interview: Kerry Kopp

More coming soon............

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