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Film Links For Seminar Participants

On June 25, 2015, Jill lead a discussion/seminar for film/videographers in conjunction with WIFT and the 48-Hour Film Project at NuMynd Studios. Here are some links for the participants, and thank you for attending.....

Companies in the Nashville area that may rent out audio and/or video equipment:


Trew Audio: 615-256-3542

Blackbird Audio Rentals: 615-279-7368

Allstar Audio: 615-220-0260

PSAV: 615-886-0940

SIR: 615-255-4500

Soundcheck: 615-726-1165

TMG (The Mitchell Group): 615-329-4861

Rack-N-Roll Audio: 615-244-6499

Nashville’s Media Services: 615-255-7959

Nashville AudioVisual: 615-410-2265

Nashville Sound Rental: 615-592-6772

ONStage: 615-301-6740

Crew 1 Productions: 615-242-4433


NOTE: There may be more resources, but this should get you started. Make sure to make a specific reservation early!

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