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Jill Courtney has a decade-long history in audio post production (perhaps her favorite branch of audio), and audio for animation is a primary focus due to its challenging nature - no sound at all! Building sound design from scratch including ambience, ADR, SFX, foley, music composition, conducting, recording and placement provides the most tangible and satisfying end result after some detail-oriented and borderline obsessive hard work. This page is devoted to examples of Jill's audio post production work. Her MM degree is focused in this field, and she has enjoyed teaching audio for video courses for audio, web and animation college departments in Nashville.

Videos of Jill's Audio Post Projects

Season's Greetings


48-Hour Film Project- "Unhinged"

Running On Air


All My Children - Clip 1

Spoof Commercial - Parochial Pooch

All My Children - Clip 2

All My Children - Clip 4

All My Children - Clip 3

Interview with Grandma

Jill Courtney - Audio Post Production Samples

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