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Jill Courtney has not only had a long career as a performer, speaker and teacher, but she also produces multicamera video shoots and edits, formats and directs videos for clients. This page is devoted to video footage of Jill. All are self-produced/shot/directed or edited from footage captured by someone else (except interviews with Jill as the interviewee). Please go to the other video page for examples of Jill's video productions as a producer/director.

Videos of Jill

Teaching Songwriting

Teaching Music Theory

Fundraising Efforts

Conductor/Director - TSU Jazz

Musical Theatre - Macabaret

Actor/Asst Dir - TSU Madrigal

Interviews Grandmother

Jazz Singer with Jazz Band

Rock Singer with Valhalla #2

Rock Singer with Valhalla #3

Music Business Interview with Jill

Performs Live Classical Recital

Blues Singer with Wah Watusi

Rock Singer with Valhalla

More Coming Soon.......

Jill Courtney Videos Over The Years

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